RIP MomWifeLady

The absolute worst thing that could happen as a blogger has officially happened. My domain site was bought out by a porn site. 

Since discovering this an hour ago I have screamed, I have cried, and I have laughed. Because FUCK how does that happen? What a joke. What a damn joke.

I suppose part of me isn’t too upset, because I was in the process of re-branding with the upcoming book release. But this isn’t the way I wanted MomWifeLady to go out. However, after two years of blogging from the site, we are officially retiring the blog name.

So here we are, on my new blog, that is slowly going to morph into my old one. This blog will be a little more personal, and will still cover my mental health advocacy. However, this may come off as a more professional and official page (but apparently I’m still swearing on this page, so who knows really?)

I hope you will continue to follow me as you have in the past years. I love writing for you all, I love giving you a voice. And I just love my readers in general.

Here’s to new beginnings, as strange as they came about. I hope you’ll stick with me on my new adventures.

Forever Yours,

(The Writer Formerly Known As TJ/MomWifeLady)

Taylor Nicole.


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